that starry-eyed life

I am terrified of being different. I'm terrified of being different because my highest desire is to be loved - and what if I'm too different to be loved? Is anyone with me on this? It seems to increase as adulthood goes on, this fear of being different. Dreams get squashed and attempts end up … Continue reading that starry-eyed life


discover: wisdom lit

The bible is made up of a shmozzle of different genres, and surprise -- you can't read every genre the same way! I mean, you can try, but you will end up with a lot of confusion and some very funky interpretations of what you're reading. Let's dive into the wonderful world of wisdom literature, … Continue reading discover: wisdom lit

Meltdown City

"Remember: you are allowed to have meltdowns." Oh my friends have the most beautiful hearts. This last year has been rough, to say the least. I kept thinking it would get easier in South Africa, then LA, then Morden, but it didn't. When I got back to Morden, I thought that after 3 months, then … Continue reading Meltdown City