Until now, I have not had the courage nor the know-how to begin what God told me I was going to be doing on my blog this year.

For the past 3 months, since January 1st, I’ve been sitting on these words, “Arial, I want you to teach the bible, and I want you to do it on your blog.”

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade – right? I spent 9 months eating, sleeping and breathing bible, 2.5 months teaching it in South Africa, and came home only to feel like I had been hit by a train. I expected God to tell me to take my knowledge of the bible (lemons) and staff the C-SBS (Chronological School of Biblical Studies) that I had just graduated (lemonade).

That would have been the “easy”, logical route. However, that is not the route that God is taking me on at this time.

The other logical route would have been to lead a bible study. I had the resources, graciously put together and gifted to me by someone who has completed and staffed the C-SBS. To that lemonade also, at this time, God said no.

Right now, my lemonade is this blog.


My heart explodes at the thought of people loving the bible as much as I do. When I hear someone talk about something they’re learning, when I hear solid teachings on the bible, when I get to prepare and preach the bible, I realize that this is what I was made for. Something in me comes alive.

I have studied through the entire bible. I know the life and joy and healing it can bring. I also know the confusion, questions and doubts it can bring. Both are good – trust me.

Here’s what I want to do with you: I want to take you through the bible as if we’re going on a road trip. I want you to discover its gold for yourself. I’ll give you tools and resources – but it’s your road trip, baby!

We’ll start with a map – the big picture. We’ll talk about who wrote the book, to whom it was written, when, and where from. We’ll talk about the culture of the people it was written about and to – understanding this changed the way I read the bible completely! We’ll talk about the framework of the book – the story line – the map from start to finish.

And then, we’ll dive in. This is where the road trip begins – where the rubber meets the road. We will begin on a drive through each chapter, stopping at key points to take in the scenery.

Finally, we will arrive at our final destination. This road trip will have changed you, like any trip would – but only you can see what perspectives in you have shifted. How will this book, and the truths that you’ve discovered in this book, change your life?


My heart is to give you a map and put you in the driver’s seat. I want to empower you to study the bible for yourself – not spoon feed you. We have enough of that. Podcasts are amazing (I listen to them often!), church is so refreshing, books about the bible offer such unique and interesting perspective – but all of those things combined cannot compare to God speaking to you personally through his word.

I’ve discovered that most people would love to have a deeper understanding of the bible, they just have no idea where to begin. It is so daunting. I needed to set aside 9 months of my life to be guided through how to study the bible, and empowered to do it for myself – but without that, I would be in the same boat as most people, wanting to know the bible but not knowing how to get there.

This series is for you. I will condense all of my studying through bible dictionaries and lectures and digging into the text into a 10 minute blog post – after that, the steering wheel is all yours.

Did you know that 55% of Canadians have never read the bible 28% seldom read it?

It is a daunting book, because we are so removed from that time period and culture. But here’s the thing – it doesn’t have to be daunting. That’s what this blog is for.

So, are you in? Will you look at the map and stop to see the sights with me? Will you stare in awe and wonder, voice your questions, and jump off the cliff into the waiting waters below?

Come adventure with me.

Next stop: Ephesians




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